Brands United Summary

Building Brands and Businesses


We leverage the power of Brands at both a product and business level to ensure an organisation operates at its full potential. It's a unique approach, an it works.


This integrated Brand/Business philosophy allows us to turn new businesses into profitable businesses and profitable businesses into more profitable ones.


It also ensures that when we are creating strategic partnerships they deliver on all levels: business, brand and cultural. We use a set of proprietary brand-based collaboration principles to create sustainable service cultures, organisational cohesion and strategic alliances (with either external brands or internal/external stakeholder groups)


Brands United services comprise:


1. Business Consultancy: business strategy, business planning, business optimisation, improved productivity, businesses systems, processes and protocols, staff motivation, strategic partnering; sales and marketing strategy and planning


2. Brand Consultancy: brand-building, brand DNA, brand optimisation, brand commercialisation, the culture of brand


3. Strategic Partnerships: creation of significant commercial partnerships - from JVs to sales alliances


4. Interim Management: brand, sales, marketing


5. Mentoring: one-on-one management mentoring in core business development, sales and marketing


6. Brand Licensing: United Licences is a specialist unit for the strategic commercialisation of IP and licence properties


7. Interactive Workshops, Team-Building & Event Speaking: we offer a proven range of proprietary modules, to help sharpen your business, your staff and your management team - from Linked In optimization to Commercialisation (asset-sweating), from facilitating strategy development to turning strategy into action

8. Divisional & Departmental Dynamics: ever thought your division or department just isn't achieving the recognition it deserves within the Organisation? Doing great thing that simply aren't appreciated? Needing to improve internal relations? Or dealing with a range of 'client' businesses within your organisation? We use a proprietary process to create powerful internal brands - IT or Technical, Manufacturing, Sales - to achieve organisational power-shifts, improved cross-organisation relationships, increased loyalty and improved productivity

We uniquely apply fundamental brand principles to everything from products to people, from companies to commercialisation, in order to achieve spectacular results.